Services We Provide:
INTERARMCO EXPORT prepares your personnel to
meet the challenges of a volatile world.
INTERARMCO EXPORT incorporates "the Best of
the Best" from around the world- THE BEST

Coping with diverse threats at home and abroad has become a major
concern for governments and enterprises worldwide. Successfully securing
people, infrastructure, information and assets requires experience, flawless
execution and specialized professionals with well-honed combat and
diplomacy skills.
INTERARMCO EXPORT fields a cadre of specialists with
decades of experience serving in the military's elite special operations and
counterterrorist units.


It takes agility, vigilance and experience to work in a high-threat
INTERARMCO EXPORT sets the security standard with
stringent training and an exacting code of ethics. We work closely with you
to understand your security issues and develop solutions to secure your
personnel and assets.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Information security is just as critical as protecting people and facilities
when it comes to enterprise-wide safety. From executive Boardrooms and
conference venues to homes and vehicles, organizations must ensure that
their premises are free of electronic listening and recording devices.

NTERARMCO  EXPORT integrates advanced technical surveillance
countermeasures to meet these vital information security needs.
Site Surveys
Threat Assessment
High level Diplomatic Protection
Confidential Intelligence Service
Counter-Terrorists Operations   
Para Military Security
            Personal Protection
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Confidential INTELLIGENCE Service
Regional intelligence and quality risk understanding and
training is paramount when travelling to or working in
hostile regions.
Intelligence is crucial to security, safety and strategic
positioning. Equally counter-intelligence is now a vital
component of today’s security and real business success.

The secret to truly effective risk, crisis and competitive
management lies with the ability to extract reliable,
accurate and timely intelligence, to interpret it correctly
and to provide reasoned analysis.  Our intelligence
operatives produce operational risk forecasts, strategic
insights and manage in-country reconnaissance mitigating
crisis and associated risks.

Intelligence reports are used by many of our clients to
understand, remain proactive or make strategic decisions
relating to a range of issues:
Emerging global threats
Safety and security
Risk mitigation
Crisis recovery
Competitive intelligence activities
Employee certainty
Regional business risks
Business due diligence

INTERARMCO consultants and operatives have significant
experience in business development and the prevention
and management of risks and crisis situations.